Inspired by actual events

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Jack Perry always said he wanted to come back as a butterfly. To look at him, you’d have thought it a strange wish. A bear or an ox would have better suited his six-foot-two, two-hundred-and-twenty-pound frame. But maybe that was exactly the point, to come back…

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” — Jewish Proverb

I always knew I’d be a cat mom. My vision was a studio apartment — perhaps above a café overlooking a park — where I’d write award-winning novels with a loyal feline companion by my side…

Photo by Jill Dimond on Unsplash

I often walk here just to clear my mind.
Who knows what secrets or sweet words I’ll find?
I often walk when I’m all alone
with these old gravestones and their old gray bones.

These grassy rows, I know them very well.
I walk them blind and even know their smell.

The cellar has a fisherman, or so the neighbors say.
He’s only here four weeks a year; he never comes to stay.
They send his letters to the house, addressed to unit D,
that sit in bundles on the stoop when he goes out to sea.

His face is creased…

A man once proved a prince to be,
but not through blood of royalty.
He was a noble man, you see;
he was to me, he was to me.

And he upon my cheek did leave
the sweetest kiss, I do believe,
that any maid did ere receive
one winter’s eve, one winter’s…

In high school I struggled with eating disorders, severe anxiety, and toxic relationships. I worried about how I would pay for college and who would care for my sister after I left. But those dark years were also punctuated by moments of joy: Meeting someone who became one of my…

Laura Plummer

I’m an American freelance journalist and writer. Originally from Massachusetts, I currently live north of Boston in Gloucester.

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